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We have all experienced pain sometime. PAIN IS AS OLD AS MANKIND. The nobel laureate Albert Schweitzer had to say, “Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than, even death itself”. The international association for the study of pain (IASP) defines pain is ‘an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage , or described in terms of such damage.’ Pain management is an emerging specialty in the field of medicine. All kinds of pain are dealt with either by pain specialists alone or in association with other specialists. Importance is given for diagnosis causing the pain and treatment instituted for the disease and pain as well. Pain is of two types: Actual pain This type of pain lasts for a short duration says a few days or a week. It occurs in 25-30% of population and is due to Medical & Surgical emergencies/accidents. This is easily treated by our usual pain killers. Chronic pain This pain lasts for weeks or months or even years. Occurs in 15-20% of population. Causes may be headache, Backache, Arthritis, Neuropathy or Cancer pain to name a few.Chronic pain may occur even without apparent injury /reason. These patients get referred to different specialists. But since there is a baffling absence of treatable organic causes, no diagnosis is made and ultimately the conclusion is- “it is all in their head” i.e they have a psychological problem only. Patients with chronic pain, when compared to those with almost all other medical conditions, suffer dramatic reductions in physical, psychological, and social well being, and their Health Related Quality of Life is lower.

Designation : MD,AFIPM,FMISS,FIPP(Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice)

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Our Pain Clinics has a Multidisciplinary approach. We have

  • Interventional pain specialists
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological counseling

We use a blend of different pain management modalities such as ozone joint injections, Ozone Nucleolysis,  Percutaneous Discectomy, vertebroplasty and others such as yoga & meditation. Some of the Interventional Pain Management procedures: Epidural analgesia Single shot or introduction of a catheter in to the epidural space of spinal cord, for continuous infusion of drugs. Used in the treatment of chronic back pain for injection of pain killers and steroids. Also in palliation of symptoms in terminal malignancy care. Treatment of chronic and severe headaches Severe headaches can occur due to many causes , common causes being trigeminal neuralgia i.e ache on one side of the head/face. Injections of Botulinum Toxin,Injections in to the nerve causing these pains such as Gasserian ganglion block and Sphenopalatine Ganglio block can be given for severe cases. Chronic Back Aches Backaches can be caused due to disc proplase. Ozone discolysis is an effective modality in the treatment of this condition wherein ozione gas is injected in to the disc under fliroscopy[X-ray}  guidance to dehydrate the disc and relieve the synptoms due to nerve compression. Other causes of bachache include facet joint pathology, Sacroiliac joint arthristis etc., for which radiofrequency ablations or steroid injections can be given. Spinal cord stimulation Placement of electrodes in the spinal cord in the treatment of chronic backaches due to Failed back surgery syndrome i.e., persisting backache inspite of multiple surgeries for the same; and other causes of backache like Adhesive arachnoiditis, CRPS type I  & CRPS type II, POST herpetic neuralgia, Peripheral neuropathy , Phantom limb pain, Peripheral vascular insufficiency, Multiple sclerosis/ Cerebral palsy Ozone Therapy  in the treatment of osteoarthristis: Osteoarthristis of knee is a very common condition, presenting with pain, swelling and decreased mobility of the knee joints. Pain killers to treat the same, are harmful in the long run. Joint lavages(wash) and joint replacements too have theirpitfalls in terms of finances and complications due to surgery and anesthesia. Hence an effective alternative to the above will be ozone injections wherin 6 injections one every week is injected in to the knee joint. Ozone decreases the inflammation and hencedecreases the pain as well. Cancer Pain Management 90% with advanced cancer have pain . 60%-80% complain of inadequate pain relief bytheir physician. 30% are not relieved by drug treatment alone, so require interventional pain management . 40% die with severe pain. Our aim is “GIVING LIFE TO DAYS and NOT DAYS TO LIFE” Commonly performed interventions in the treatment of cancer pain , depending on the site of pain.

  • Trigeminal block
  • Stellate ganglion block
  • Coeliac plexus block
  • Lumbar sympathetic block
  • Superior hypogastric block
  • Epidural/intrathecal catheters
  • Ganglion impar block
  • Vertebroplasty

Counselling Counselling  forms is an important part of our multidisciplinary approach to pain. Chronic pain ultimately becomes suffering. The visible representation of suffering is what we see as “behavioral” changes in the patient. Counselling will change your perception & Change your attitude towards pain. Let us strive for a pain free world. As a popular saying goes, ”All the happiness man can gain is not in pleasure but in rest from pain”.