Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that full fledged services in neurological subspecialties pertaining to stroke, headache and Epilepsy are now available to the public. Specialty clinics for Epilepsy and Headache along with all the relevant investigative facilities are now available, concomitant with the services of a Senior Consultant Neurologist. Stroke management, which is a neurological emergency, is now available with a fully prepared ICU team, Neurophysician, Neuro surgeon and Radiologist being present round the clock. Imaging facilities including CT scan, Transcranial Doppler and Digital Angiography augment the facility and enhance the level of care in acute strokes.

Advanced electrophysiological investigation Neuro Lab set up for the diagnosis of various nerve & muscle related disease as well as a well equipped EEG facility including prolonged video EEG monitoring of patients with epilepsy are available.This fully complements the other investigations and provides for complete diagnostic ability of all neurological disorders.

Special treatment procedures like Botulinum injections for various kinds of movement disorders, spasticity following strokes or injuries and in children with cerebral palsy also forms part of the sophisticated neurotherapautic armamentarium in this hospital.

State of the art neuro rehabilitation facilities with dedicated neurophysiotherapists to help mobilize and rehabilitate persons with stroke, head injury and other chronic neurological ailments are also available.

Can reveal abnormal patterns in the brain, helping to assess patients with various disorders, including Epilepsy and Dementia.

Neurology PET is used to:

  • Localize areas of the brain causing epileptic seizures-determining whether surgery is an option
  • Provide key diagnostic information for Alzheimer’s disease in select patients
  • Alzheimer’s disease, Prkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s diseas

For pediatric neurology patients, PET particularly aids in defining the seizure focus site for Epileptic seizure disorders.