Geriatric Medicine

As they age,older loved ones need a special kind of care and understanding to solve the physical, emotional, mental, social, and environmental problems that may be interfering with their independence.With our many interlinked geriatric services experts at Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital will provide individualized care recommendations to ensure your loved ones they get exactly the special care they require, and can support your family as well.

Geriatrics is medical care that is dedicated to treating older adults. A geriatrician(a physician specializing in the medical care of the elderly) has a full understanding of the wide range of physical,  mental,  medical,  social,  and spiritual issues that older adults can have. A geriatrician is trained to watch for the ways in which these problems can combine to prevent an older person from enjoying life. With expert treatment,  older adults can live the fullest life possible.
Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital’s geriatric team works closely with your loved one’s primary care physician to make sure that all patient and family needs are met.


  • Geriatric assessment:
    This   is   a comprehensive assessment that only evaluates the medical problems but also assesses the various aspects which contribute to the well being of an older person. These include an assessment of memory, continence, nutrition, function and psychological aspects.
  • Specialist outpatient Clinics:
    These provide follow up appointments for patients upon discharge from the wards, or accept referrals from General Practitioners and polyclinics for specialist assessment and management.
  • Continence Clinic:
    The Geriatrician will be able to assess the elderly person with urinary or bowel incontinence, and where required, urodynamic assessments (using specialized computerized equipment) can be performed.
  • Falls Clinic:
    Provides an assessment of falls for people who have experienced a fall. The assessment is conducted by a geriatrician, physiotherapist and nurse specialist and will recommended appropriate advice to prevent further falls.
  • Memory Clinic:
    Memory clinic main aim is to assess patients over the age of 50 years who have memory complaints, to further investigate and assist in the management of the patients and care givers. This will be done by geriatricians and the assistance of a specialist nurse. Where necessary, a referral can be made to occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists.