Critical Care

At KMH, critical care service is driven by a commitment to promote a safe and effective environment. From heart attacks and strokes, to severe respiratory problems, infections, burns and other life-threatening illnesses, KMH recognizes the unique needs of critically ill patients of any age, infant to elderly, and strives to secure the highest quality care for them.

KMH’s Critical Care Unit takes a multidisciplinary approach in caring for patients with illnesses that require close monitoring and immediate response to rapid clinical changes. To do this effectively, it has an excellent combination of world-class infrastructure, a team of critical care professionals, specialists, trained nurses and other support staff.

The KMH Critical Care Unit is technologically advanced and strongly believes in a multidisciplinary team approach. It has a group of highly trained professionals including intensivists and critical care nurses who interact closely with other key professionals like trained critical care technicians, nutrition specialists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, patient care coordinators and biomedical engineers.

The nurses are certified in critical care nursing and trained in specialized techniques like management of patients with multiple invasive catheters including intra-aortic balloon pump, intra-cranial pressure monitoring and those requiring renal replacement therapy. In keeping with its commitment, KMH continues to update its personnel through regular in-service training sessions. The Unit is also accredited by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) to train physicians looking to further their career in Critical Care.

The Unit takes pride in its communication skills and makes every attempt to communicate closely with patients, their families and other care providers including referring physicians, emergency medicine, general medicine and allied subspecialities, surgical specialities, obstetrics & gynaecology and paediatric specialities to provide comprehensive care.

Designation : M.B.B.S., MD, Internal Medicine
Area of Expertise : Critical Care

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Designation : M.B.B.S., DA., Anaesthetist
Area of Expertise : Critical Care

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The Critical Care Unit is strategically located within the hospital and accommodates over 50 beds. 24 hour support services, including imaging & laboratory services and pharmacy are located in the vicinity of the Unit and staffed by committed personnel. The Unit’s strength is its staff who endorse the importance of teamwork in caring for critically ill patients. In addition to trained staff, who are the key to our success, the state-of-the-art facility has optimal infrastructure to provide tertiary level care.

  • Patient care rooms are designed to provide optimal room temperature and a quiet environment
  • Multi Channel monitoring equipment which support non-invasive and invasive pressure monitoring
  • Mechanical Ventilators that can be used to provide basic and advanced strategies
  • Routine use of infusion pumps for drug delivery
  • Resuscitation equipment at each bedside
  • Special beds to prevent pressure ulcers for patients requiring prolonged care
  • Life saving cardiac equipment including intra-aortic balloon pump, temporary pacemakers.
  • Bedside imaging services including X-ray, ultrasonography and echocardiogram
  • Portable transport equipment to ensure safety while moving patients out of the Unit for essential procedures
  • Renal replacement therapy including intermittent haemodialysis and continuous haemofiltration
  • Ability to perform bedside surgical procedures like tracheostomy and emergency procedures when required ยท Bronchoscopy for immediate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

We at KMH strongly believe that offering the full spectrum of services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is the only way to provide real care to critically ill patients. At all times, consultants and registrars who are well-trained and coordinate with senior intensivists and other specialists staff the Unit. The patient to nurse ratio is maintained at international standards.

Transfers from other hospitals and critical care units can be facilitated at any time of the day to avoid delays and provide tertiary level care. For details, the Consultant-on-duty is available on (044) 55290227.