We in Oncology are passionate about improving Patient Care. We know that doing so is not just a question of the latest Equipment, but involves sharing the best practices, workflow process and efficiency gains to our valued customers. With this in mind, we are offering training programme for Radiation Oncologists and Medical Physicists to develop their skills and ensure the continuous improvement of intensity modulated radiotherapy.

  • Focusing on Contouring and Plan Evaluation.
  • Focusing on learning Patients election criteria.
  • Techniques, Clinical workflows and its best practices.
  • This comprehensive course in formulated keeping in mind the needs of Planning Procedures.

Contouring and Plan Evaluation Processes for Radiation Oncologists
Course in meticulously designed on various Contouring and Plan Evaluation tools in CMS and FOCAL SIM exclusively for Radiation Oncologists.The Program includes use of sophisticated tools and functionalities in RTTP, making contouring a pleasant experience for the Radiation Oncologists. Plan Evaluation is also given similar prominence,focusing on qualitative and quantitative Analysis of single plan and multiple plans.This course will be useful for Radiation Oncologists who want to make use of new technologies for the benefit of their patients.
3D Conformal Radiotherapy(3DCRT) GP Designed to acquire knowledge and skills to perform a 3D Conformal plan with sessions on importing image set,Registration, Contouring, Beam Placement,Virtual Simulation, Dose Calculation, Evaluation and Prescription.

This course is designed to provide all essential aspects of IMRT planning.The objective of this course will be covering basics and pre-requisites of IMRT defining Clinical goals, Optimization principals, Segmentation and final Dose Calculation.This course is targeted for Medical Physicists who want to be most sought after [MRT planner in to communityThe course includes basics of treatment planning, physics and algorithms, Beam modifiers, Beam Shapers, Basics of IMRT and IGRT.

We Provides state -of- the-art radiotherapy for cancer treatment that meet the evolving needs of patients. A very precise, highly effective, well-tolerated tailored to the needs of individual patients that are also cost-effective. We work with clinical teams to constantly improve & develop and radiation services that assure excellent patient outcomes.

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