cyclotronPositron Emission Tomography, commonly known as PET- CT scan is a versatile diagnostic modality with high diagnostic accuracy and precision. Flurodeoxy glucose (FDG18) isotope, the radioactive source is injected intravenously into the patient. The molecules of the isotope are accumulated in various tissues of the body. The accumulation depends on glucose utility in the cell and physiological state of the tissue (as it is glucose which is the energy currency of the body). By detecting the gamma rays emitted of the radioactively degenerating FDG18, one could differentiate normal and abnormal tissue pathology and function. When combining PET Scan with CT scan images (i.e. fusion scanning) one could precisely elucidate and correlate physiological with anatomical information; thereby giving a functional insight into the structure. PET-CT has numerous clinical applications in not only in oncology but in areas such as cardiology and neurology etc. Some of its many applications include cancer detection, cancer staging, planning radiotherapy, cardiac perfusion imaging. neurological imaging (it is the most efficient lie-detector known to modern science!), monitoring therapy. It also has applications such as finding the primary tumour, as a surrogate to biopsy in areas of the body inaccessible to biopsy, to detect and study metastatic tumours and early detection & monitoring of the cancer treatment

Why cancer Institute was chosen for PET CT?
Cancer Institute was the first comprehensive cancer centre in South India, the first centre to install a cobalt 60 Teletherapy unit in Asia, first centre in India to establish a department of Nuclear Medical Oncology, first to introduce the technique of Mammography in India, first Linear Accelerator in India, Blood component therapy using the blood cell separator in the supportive treatment of high dose Chemotherapy was introduced into India for the first time. As Cancer Institute has stood first in introducing various specialties in many areas, I felt installation of PET CT at Cancer Institute would be an ideal one because PET CT is the only one of its kind in Tamilnadu.

There are various other reasons which motivated me to install PET CT at the Cancer Institute – At cancer institute there is no disparity between rich and poor; want to treat ailment on humanitarian basis and not on their social status; the working personnel irrespective of their qualification and placement are trained with only one motive – to serve with smile.

Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is committed to quality in all its endeavors. The guiding principle of the hospital is to offer the latest in the health care facilities on par with international standards and to also make them accessible to patients. To meet the demands of quality health care, the hospital takes the services of several talented and dedicated medical professionals. The hospital is one of its kind with various super specialties under one roof.

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