Dr. Joseph Francis Dominic

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Dr. Joseph Francis Dominic
Designation : MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology) – AIIMS., Consultant
Area of Expertise : Medical Oncology

Dr. Dominic is consultant in Medical Oncology and Bone marrow transplantation at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital. He completed his MBBS and MD Internal Medicine at Madras Medical College and DM in Medical Oncology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. His areas of interest are lymphomas, bone marrow transplantation, lung cancer and supportive care in oncology. Dr. Dominic has also undertaken research and his conducted an investigator initiated randomized trial during his residency period.



  • The Rangachari Gold Medal for Medicine and Surgery – 1995 (MBBS)
  • Certificate of Honour in Pathology – 1994 (MBBS)
  • Dr. Muthusethupathi Gold Medal for Nephrology – 2000 (MD)
  • Award for the best written case sheet – 1998 (MD) – Madras Medical College
  • Runner up at Indian Cooperative Oncology Network (ICON) Medical Oncology Debate – Puri, India – January 2005 (DM)
  • Travel Award for European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) for poster presentation at 31st ESMO Congress Istanbul Turkey 2006.



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  • Radiotherapy versus Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Stage I Seminoma Selected Summary – Ind J Med & Paediat Oncol 2005 (Dec.); 26(4):59-60.
  • GSTM1 polymorphism – a risk factor for hepatic venoocclusive disease in  bone marrow transplantation Selected Summary – Ind J Med & Paediat Oncol 2004 25(4) 30-31.
  • Stem cell Therapy in peripheral vascular disease – Report of a case presented at Niche Inn Centre for Regenerative Medicine first anniversary Chennai 2006 (co-authored with Dr. Subramaniam –Pending Publication.
  • Randomised open labeled study on efficacy of oral vs intravenous antibiotics in low risk febrile neutropenia. (Published as abstract JCO Vol 24 : 18s (June 20 Supplement 2006 Abstract No 18551)- Full text article- Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology June 2007 – Vol 28 Issue 2 Pages 7- 15.
  • Bcl 6 and Bcl 2 expression and correlation with clinical features, response to therapy and survival in diffuse large B cell lymphoma. –Poster Presentation with Travel Award At European Society Of Medical Oncology Congress Istanbul September 2006 (Abstract No 661P Annals of Oncology Volume 17 Supplement 9  2006 Page 201).