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Dr Anand Kumar G S
Designation : MD,AFIPM,FMISS,FIPP(Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice)

EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION FIPP- Degree FELLOW OF INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PRACTICE awarded by world institute of of pain,Board of Examination,USA(highest degree awarded for pain practice). FIPM-Done fellowship in pain management for six months in Daradia: The pain clinic September 2011 to February 2012 MD (Anaesthesiology)-RNT medical college, Udaipur, Rajasthan, May, 2007 MBBS-Thanjavur Medical College, India, Jan 2001 EXPERIENCEFIPP 2013: Highest degree for Interventional Pain Management awarded by world institute of pain (worldinstituteofpain.org) recognized throughout world (best student in board of examination).Associate professor: Department of Anesthesiology and pain medicine Till now in Sree Balaji Medical College,Chrompet,Chennai.Pain consutant Be Well Hospital,T.Nagar,Chennai,Pain consutant Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital,T.Nagar,Chennai, FIPM Fellowship in pain management in daradia: the pain clinic from September 2011 to February 2012 six months. The first person to do six months pain fellowship in daradia: the pain clinic. Now attached as faculty in dardia:the pain clinic.May2004-May2007: Post Graduate Trainee (M.D.ANAESTHESIOLOGY) in a renowned Government institute RNT medical college, Udaipur, Rajasthan. August 1994- Jan 2001: MBBS in Tanjavur medical college with internship of   one year.   CONFERENCES PARTICIPATED PAPERS AND PUBLICATIONS1. RAJISCON 20052. RAJISCON 20063. ISACON 2005 KOLKATTA4. ISACON 2006 MYSORE5. ISACON 2006 KERALA6. PAIN CONFERENCE AHMEDABAD 20057. ITACCS CHENNAI 20058. FNUOA, UDAIPUR 2007.9. Sunanda Gupta, Anand Kumar G S. Various methods of labor analgesia.IJA10. Sunanda Gupta, Anand Kumar G S. Effect of early vs late epidural analgesia on labor and its neonatal outcome poster presentation .ISACON KERALA 2006.11. Sunanda Gupta, Anand Kumar G S. Effect of early vs late epidural analgesia on labor and its neonatal outcome poster presentation(also dissertation topic). PAIN CONFERENCE.AHMEDABAD 2000.12.Pain of chronic sacro-iliac arthropathy:Managed successfully with conventional bipolar radiofrequency. A case report. Anesthesiology and pain medicine.Awisul Ghazali, Gautam Das, Khaled Horani, GS Anand Kumar, Palak Mehta, Debjyoti Dutta.Institution daradia,the pain clinic,Kolkata,india. . Anesth Pain. 2012;1(3):191-193.13. ICIPM 2011-CHENNAI (international conference on interventional pain management)14. ICIPM 2012-DELHI (international conference on interventional pain management)15. GUWAHATI 2012 PAIN CONFERENCE16. MISS 2012-DECEMBER PUNE (minimally invasive spine surgery-endoscopic discectomy).17. WIP BENELUX 2013 –MAASTRICHT, NEDERLANDS (interventional pain management).18.18th Advanced Pain Conference, Hungary 2013, WIP19. Supporting editor of Indian journal of pain.20. Written an chapter in the upcoming Wiley publication pain book, (1)modalities of pain management and another chapter(2)examination of pain patients. Editor Dr Gautam das.21. Trained in Endoscopic Discectomy under Dr Gore., Pune .MISS 2012(minimally invasive spine surgery-endoscopic procedures).22. Free pain management camps for poor I am doing both in medical college and outside hospital23.Free services in charitable hospital for poor on regular basis in two hospitals-I am doing.. 24. Free internet based consultancy services-I am doing.25. Pain awareness lectures for general people-I am doing26. Articles in magazine or newspaper for pain Awareness-I am doing.27.Television talk show for awareness-I am doing.28.As a faculty for workshop on interventional pain management in Indian society of anesthesiologists ISACON 2013-Guwahati. 29.Faculty for INDONESIAN PAIN PRACTICE. Diseases treated Back Pain

    • Intervertebral disc bulge / nerve root compression / sciatica
    • Facet joint arthropathies
    • Sacro iliac joint dysfunction
    • Degenerated disc disease
    • Post surgical spinal pain
    • Radiculopathies

Cancer pain originating from various parts of the body Head, Neck and shoulder pain Headaches – Migraine / Trigeminal neuralgia Joint pains Cervical radiculopathy, facetal arthropathy Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS) Peripheral nerve neuralgias Sympathetically maintained pain Post herpetic neuralgia Vertebral compression fractures Fibromyalgia/ Myofascial pain Abdominal & pelvic pain from gynaecological and urological causes Meralgia paresthetica Post surgical chronic pain     INTERVENTIONAL PROCEDURES FOR PAIN PATIENTS Pain interventions may be in the form of local anesthetic blocks, steroids injections, neurolytic blocks and radiofrequency lesioning of nerves and ganglion Cervical /Thoracic / Lumbar epidural injections Facet joint injections/ medial branch radio frequency ablations Selective nerve root blocks / Dorsal root ganglion neuromodulation Intradiscal procedures – provocative discography Percutaneous disc decompression (Decompressor, Nucleoplasty) IntraDiscal Electro Thermocoagulation (IDET) Annuloplasty, Biaculoplasty Epidural adhesion lysis Epidural decompressive neuroplasty Sarco iliac joint injections Intrathecal pumps Spinal cord stimulators Ozone nucleolysis Trigeminal ganglion neurolysis Sphenopalatine ganglion neurolysis Stellate ganglion block Celiac plexus neurolysis Splanchnic nerve block Lumbar sympathetic nerve block Superior hypo gastric plexus block Ganglion impar block Mysofacial trigger point injections Intra articular injections Endoscopic discectomy. All procedures can be mostly done  both with ULTRASOUND GUIDANCE and also with FLUROGUIDANCE Reference 1.Dr Gautam Das,MD,FIPP Editor: Indian Journal of Pain Ex-Chairman: World Institute of Pain Section (India) Director: DARADIA- The Pain Clinic Concord Tower, 2nd Floor, 92/2A Bidhan Nagar Road, Ultadanga, Kolkata-700067, West Bengal, India. Websites: www.PainIndia.net/ www.Daradia.com Tel: +919339657857 2. Dr Subrata Goswami,MD,FIPP.Consultant Algologist,Belle Vu Hospital,G D Hospital,Esi Sealdah,Kolkata.West Bengal.